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One Shot

One Shot published on No Comments on One Shot

Patrons – click here and be swept away to the full comic.

Zach and I have experimented with a lot of different kinds of for-money content because we want to do what we love and also buy groceries. We think the thing we make best is comics, so we’re planning a run of patreon-only comics on a to-be-determined update schedule, starting with this little one-page joke comic, but transitioning into stories. This will eat into a lot of the less popular stuff we do, like paper minis and splat books. We’re fine with that, ourselves, but we wanted to be upfront about the opportunity cost of doing more comics.

I know Patreon isn’t for everyone, so keep an eye out for other ways to access these comics in the future. In the meantime, the single best way to help us keep making Thieves Can’t (and, spoilers, Ramen Empire) is to drop a buck in our hat on Patreon.

The link above goes to the comic and you can sign up by going here.