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We haven't had a con save because of food for 8 years but FINE sera, I'll roll a fucking con save now that you realize I forgot to start with 10 rations.


One of the nice things about most of the [professional]’s packs found in D&D5 is that they contain rations. Hopefully enough for the player characters to survive until they can figure out how to get more. ^_^

Unfortunately, those packs also contain rations which are generally not the most nutritious of foods as they’re designed to last a long time and keep you from starving long enough to get something decent to eat. Many an adventurer has had to spend a week in town after an adventure frequently visiting the alchemist for their digestive woes from months of eating rations.

We don’t tend to track rations per se at the table, but often in a one-shot where my table is invariably a rag-tag band of penniless mercenaries, they will happen upon a Tavern and they have to do what they can to either score free bed and board for the night, or scrape together enough money to pay for it.

Another DM I play with does the same. Hence, Red Wildblood’s debut session involved him issuing an open challenge for an arm wrestle and – thanks to some great rolls on my part – beat a f*****g OGRE three times on the trot.

Between the prize money and the side bets, our whole group was absolutely loaded within the hour. And nobody thought to question what an Ogre was even doing in the Tavern in the first place. *shrug*.

I referee for somewhat food-obsessed [to some degree] players. 2 are very good cooks, so they bring some of that to game. Other play races that are poisoned by salt or are vegan, so this affects ration availability. It’s fun when they pay attention to their character’s needs, whilst out adventuring & causing havoc.

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