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Starfall #4

Starfall #4 published on 11 Comments on Starfall #4


Voting closes tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon.

Votes from patrons count extra. If you really, really like one option over another, consider signing up as a patron and voting there.

Or, uh, I guess you could make 50 Google accounts.


Map of the area? You’d find one of those at the town. Going back to town to report the slimes would be a sign of failure without knowledge. Also, that many slimes? Looks like something is up. Best to look for the kid quick then report back. Grab a map. Plan out some organized searches and send out some scouts before returning to the cave with proper anti-slime equipment and cleaning up/search for more clues.

Technically you don’t need a map of the area to kill any slimes still in that cave or to check other parts of the cave they were told to check for the kid. From a strict time management perspective it would be easier to do that first.

I’m not voting though, I’m just unconvinced a map would help find the cave your currently standing next to. Maybe I’m just voting against a map. Fuck maps.

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