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I love this ability as well

In my setting idea, I steal from the concept of Old Ones of the Deep vs. the traditional gods of the D&D campaign (Greyhawk).

Kuatoa are mutated humanoids “who have returned to the Deep”. They still possess a soul (an alien sense of ego to the psionically inclined Old Ones), and are used to essentially manufacture “Godsbane” to assault the shore.

Cyclops are similar, but instead forge powerful arms and armour that none of the Clerical Powers want you to have.

Wait… why is Snorplopt attacking ships? Is the Eye of the Coast a lawful good deity that came into being on the coast of an evil nation that engaged in slavery? Are the ships in fact human traffickers disobeying the law? This is a surprisingly deep plot. A whole campaign could come into being here centered around the awakened lesser deity of a lighthouse.

Does a god created by the Kuo-Toa collective power reflect its actual purpose and history, or their frightful misperceptions of it?

Is that lighthouse still going to act as a protector of ships and sailors, a beacon to the lost, as it was before… or is it going to be a baleful towering form with an unblinking search eye of fire and a mind-shattering mournful voice that stomps across the shore spreading the same terror it always caused the Kuo-Toa for all those decades?

Would it have caused them terror? Although amphibious they were primarily aquatic. This indicates a life underwater where a bright light would shine down in the darkest times (I presume lighthouses are generally dark on clear days). Although they may associate the light with storms (thus an act of punishment) they would also associate it with good times (clear nights) where fish gather (they tend to be drawn to lights I hear). So although a vengeful god, the light itself brings them no heat yet is watchful. Normally bringing abundance to the faithful but at times smiting them for their sins (storms = waves).

Do you think Snorplopt’s Eye beam would be like Sacred Flame, but buffed? It could do 4d8 Radiant/Fire damage, and cause disadvantage on stealth based Abilities/Sneak Attack, and Perception based skills/saves for a turn or two. It it gets damaged on anywhere other than the head, it could regenerate by assimilating stone, giving it new limbs and maybe 1d6+10 health. It’s stats could be equal or close to a Cloud/Storm Giant, considering it’s size. It could also have a weakness in that it’s Eye takes times 1.5 damage

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