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This is no place for the weak, or the foolhardy.

This is no place for the weak, or the foolhardy. published on 2 Comments on This is no place for the weak, or the foolhardy.

Yes, I love Darkest Dungeon. Reynauldo and Ormond are based on Reynauld and Dismas. Reynauldo is a bit more Shovel Knight than he is Crusader, but the roots are there.

Vote on what you want to read next

So, Zach and I have a bunch of story ideas, but we do not agree about which one to do next. Help us decide by voting here. If you are a good and noble person, you will agree with me that Candor in a spell-jammer-type setting with a Star Trek feel is the way to go. If you are a horrible person, you will vote for some lesser option. :p

Skeleton Paper Minis

I’m in love with these. Grab them over on our Patreon.

Yes, we are completely aping the style of Printable Heroes. Their stuff is amazing tho, so please go check them out.

Arcana Check #2

We are overhauling this. The adventure we had just wasn’t good enough, so we’re taking it apart and making some “Build Your Own Dungeon” assets that are print-and-play. We definitely want your feedback on them. It will also include some stat-block suggestions for some beefier-than-normal skeletons, as well as an (I hope) interesting, low-level boss fight with a necromancer, who, of course, has his own art. Look for Arcana Check #2 later today on our Patreon.


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