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Thieves Can’t Be Reincarnated as Slimes

Thieves Can’t Be Reincarnated as Slimes published on 16 Comments on Thieves Can’t Be Reincarnated as Slimes

Zach whipped up these super cool inventory sheets that show all the items in the starter equipment packs on page 151 of the Player’s Handbook (and that every class can choose to begin with.) All of our Patrons have access to them and they’re $2.99 on our new store page.


I did not realize that Isekai was a thing.

Is my life better or worse now that I do?

I feel like Bart would be a Lore Bard and Zach would… probably be a Mystic; it’s the class that can get literally and figuratively as far away from social interaction as humanly and superhumanly possible whilst still being slightly OP.

The cellphone wouldn’t work, reactions to it would be perhaps meh–depending on the world’s magic level–and any (PC proposed) means to recharge it would result in the harddrive being melted.

The gun would have finite uses, and the large sound would attract attention low level parties would not like. Reloaded ammunition is not safe, and I doubt many people know the recipes for any type of gunpower, much less the advanced forms used in modern rounds.

The motorcycle would run out of fuel pretty quickly, and I really doubt the PCs would want to drag the motorcycle along until they can find someone that sells kerosene, which even then would be too thick for the engine to use….

I could and would make it work. My setting kinda has elements of this already, since the Church came from the 3rd Century Mediterranean. A gun or motorbike hardly compares to some of the other relics of forgotten eras. The problem is no one would speak English. Rectified by a kind cleric, or the appropriate spells, but it would certainly suck for the first few months without an understanding of common (a Greek derivative)
at the very least.

It would be quite interesting to try this idea out, though I think perhaps it would require some setup work, and a few alterations, perhaps along the lines of reincarnation or something of the like if people object to what would otherwise be a human only party–until people start dying and reincarnating, or rolling new characters from inside the world.

Really reminds me of *How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis* in concept. The book’s first few chapters would probably be roughly equivalent to the first few days in any foreign, near alien world.

The real benefit of the cell phone is as a plot hook. When they check their fully charged phone they can’t get a signal… but it says they have full bars. Moving in a direction eventually decreases the bars as you get farther away from the source. What is the source the cell phone is picking up? Probably very bad news.

Interesting. I’d probably just connect it to an ICBM silo to be perfectly honest, but with the spelljammer stuff, it can offer a lot of potential.

The real question is, would they discard the phone once it dies. How far is far enough away to decrease a bar as well.

This gives me somewhat malicious ideas for my own campaign. Well done sir.

Ah… isekai. I could wreck that campaign with a single item and what I know. DON’T let them bring a book. One person with the Anarchist’s Cookbook would be like unto a god. Speaking of which, after watching Goblin Slayer again I finally decided to figure out what “Fire Mixture” would be. I conclude it would be Ammonium Nitrate. Dissolved in water it creates an endothermic reaction to the point that it is used to make ice packs and is commonly used to make cheap explosives.

Tell them yes, then make them make characters using this trash fire. Done ‘properly’ you don’t get to know the impact of your decisions until you’ve flipped to the page for your class, so the four of them would either cheat character creation or pick what they think means practically their current characters and have to cope with massively different themes and skill sets.

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