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Thieves Can’t Be Lycanthropes

Thieves Can’t Be Lycanthropes published on 13 Comments on Thieves Can’t Be Lycanthropes

Auto-correct really, really, really wants this comic to be titled “Thieves Can’t Be Misanthropes” and I fucking PROMISE that they can.

Hey, Zach is open for commissions, which he’s doing in the style of our upcoming paper mini series. Check them out, and keep your eyes out for the minis. The first run will have every single monster mentioned in the D&D Starter Kit and will be on our Patreon, our shop, and the DM Guild. You’ll also be able to get us to cut and mail them to you on a nice glossy card stock, if you don’t want to do print-and-play. More on this soon (hopefully AFTER Masterwork, but that turned out to be more of a book and less of a hand-out…)

Zach has time to do this because he is freed up because his part of the Kickstarter stretch goals, and ya’ll are waiting on me to lay it all out and send it to a printer.


Regarding the commissions:

I might have to get in on this for another character, since this one isn’t part of a published work I could have art done for the character I first thought of having drawn during the Issue 2 Kickstarter.

For anyone considering this, I have to say that Bart and Zach are really easy to work with, and happily take feedback on the rough draft. Zach did an incredible job translating my description and reference art into the character art.

That is pure genius and extrodinary luck. Such a party-pooper, that GM ;p

In other news: The login button is gone? I’m sure there’s a reason, and i wound up having something to say much less of the time than i’d anticipated, so it’s fine.

As a nod to the fact that Smokey the Bear is (probably) a Werebear: ‘Thieves Can’t Prevent Forest Fires’.

Also: SO GLAD to see Zach has finally caved into doing commissions. I love his art style; I love the Rhocian Mini from the Kickstarter, and I can’t wait to see how Red Wildblood turns out. 😛

Yeah… never give a zoanthrope a “natural alignment” that lets them be good. This removes any sort of conflict from the situation. His “dark secret” is that he can turn into a mountain of muscle, claws, and fangs with no real drawbacks because it is lawful good for the Smokey the bear jokes. Also, don’t let your players play the character while transformed unless you can truly trust them to roleplay, otherwise it’s just another path to power for them.

Why a wereBEAR, a mostly solitary beast known for aggression and hunger as its dominating motivations has a LAWFUL GOOD alignment is a mystery to me. Meanwhile werewolves, a beast that depends on teamwork and social stability within the pack, is chaotic evil.

Go with the old school method. Will save to maintain alignment when they transform and GM/DM takes control of the character until the transformation ends. Keeps stuff like this from happening if for no other reason they’ll then be sitting around waiting for the full moon to be over. “What a terrible night to have a curse.”

I think it’s a reference to either Beorn from “The Hobbit” or Winnie the Pooh from “Winnie the Pooh”

Or possibly the Care Bears now that I think of it, it even sort of rhymes depending on how you pronounce it.

Now that kind of gives me an idea for an eberron character. A half-elf werebear artificer with the mark of storms who is literally just Grumpy Bear

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