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Thieves Can’t Be From Space

Thieves Can’t Be From Space published on 11 Comments on Thieves Can’t Be From Space

I’m hoping to get my Adventure Journals for Curse of Strahd updated later tonight or tomorrow, so check back if you’re interested to see how I’m running that campaign for the KU math grads. ๐Ÿ™‚


Being from space is entirely valid to the setting. Check out the “Realmspace” sourcebook

And my friends had a party of Warforged – all named after warships, BTW- that played in the “Living Forgotten Realms” RPGA campaign – admittedly, that was in the never-to-be-spoken-of Fourth Edition…

Can Keelie re-roll as that one gritty, technophobic boomer that appears in every sci-fi film ever?

Or better yet, Ormond. Just so we can watch him attempt to roleplay the shit out of that archetype with hilarious results.

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