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They've been in the same fight with the same slime for three sessions


‘Funny’ story: one of the worse groups I was in as measured by sheer lack of empathy had been sent to a different planet via hollow, unpadded cannon shell (I think they really just wanted to get rid of us) and as we staggered away marking down how every potion and wand was shattered by the impact a red gelatinous cube rose out of nowhere to assault me as closest player character.

What followed was, well, this. The rest of the group was unmolested and right the heck next to my starting point as I used double move actions to stay ahead of the cube running in squares, but they had to give it twenty minutes’ worth of rounds because they wanted to see if I’d give up on survival or if the cube would come up with something clever. And because they wanted to laugh and mock me.

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