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The Trade – Page 5 (End)

The Trade – Page 5 (End) published on 6 Comments on The Trade – Page 5 (End)

To celebrate the release of Ricky’s Guide to Spooptopia, we did a mini-arc about that setting’s most infamous villain.

We had fun making this, and it’s based on, perhaps, the most dramatic character death I’ve ever had at a table. I always sub Candor and the gang out for my tables’ characters in these comics, partly because I don’t want to rewrite someone’s image of their character, and partly so that I can edit events without retconning entire campaigns as they happened.

The only real difference here, though, is that the character was a Shifter, not a warlock, and made horrifying kissy faces at me when he revealed that he was not, in fact, Ireena to Strahd. Good times. Friends don’t let friends drink and roll dice.


Checking the page regularly only to end up reading page 5 before I figured out their were other pages was a bit…

I am hoping to retool the website in a way that will make navigating a little more intuitive. My options were this, or a very, very tall comic, and I’ve gotten a lot of complaints about the tall formats. 🙁

You do you. My two cents on the matter is you shouldn’t let a few complaints overshadow the benefits of doing things how you want to do them! If the South Koreans and their webtoons can get away with it, so can you; heck, look at Lore Olympus, that artist clearly gives no shits about anyone whiny about the tall comic format.

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