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The Township of Beohern

The Township of Beohern published on 18 Comments on The Township of Beohern

Zach is going to DM and I have no idea how to react aside from overthinking my character a bit. Here is the town he is starting us in. We’re going to flesh it out as an Arcana Check, I think, and make a big ole PDF to go with this map, just as soon as Masterwork is finished.

If you love this image as much as I do, be aware the our patrons at every tier have access to the PSD and high res blank versions. Also, it’s kinda small in the image attached to this post, so click here for a bigger version.


*Notes the location, river-flow wise, of the Tanner’s shop, relative to the Brewery.*
*Heads back upstream a hundred yards before refilling waterskins.*
Yeah, I’ll be drinking imported wine while in Beohern, thanks. ^_^

Beohern’s ales all have a unique taste and smell that no other town can quite replicate.

Served alongside tiefling ale at discerning establishments across the realm.


What’s probably less obvious is, the Brewer was there first. The local lord is really big on sobriety, however, and he leased the upstream parcels to a tanner and a stable for a song. No, really. One rendition of “Happy Birthday”, (although this was BEFORE WB’s lich-like grip on that song was severed, so there WAS a LITTLE hell to pay…)

As an Edmonton resident I can say that in a few hundred years that village will regret developing on both sides of the river.

Well, if they didn’t, there would be the possibility that someone will set up a rival town on the other side of the river, making it harder to regulate the tanning industry’s waste disposal. ^_^

It also may lead to names like “Beohern, Alsace” and “Beohern, Beohern”, or “Beo” and “Hern”….

>Go to the East
I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean.
>Go East
I’m sorry, there is no road there.
>Go Witches House.
I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean.
>Go House
Before you stands a simple cottage. Dried herbs hang from the eaves. There is a cleared circle surmounted by a ring of bare earth, as if the grass has been killed through multiple applications of salt, to the left of the path. The stubs of several candles can be seen on large rocks placed both inside and outside the circle.

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