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The Mystifying Case of the Gluten-pox Lizards

The Mystifying Case of the Gluten-pox Lizards published on 4 Comments on The Mystifying Case of the Gluten-pox Lizards

I’m writing a fairly lengthy story arc which isn’t quite fit for human consumption yet, so Zach whipped up a map for this week’s update. It’s tied in with the Beohern map from a few weeks ago, and there’s a blank version of it over on Patreon (no paywall.)

Our facebook page has recently exploded. If you want to see my semi-regular D&D shit-posting and reposts of stuff I found interesting or funny, pop in and give it a like. We’ve also got a neat little group started, which you’re also invited to join.


So it’s tainted wheat? You don’t need a mill to have wheat… the mill turns the wheat into flour… just saying

Me: “Wow, this is a great story arc! Lots of twists and ‘cloak and dagger’-esque clues; and a Big Bad that’s genuinely tricky to pin down! I wish I were a part of this party…”
Others: “YoU dOn’T nEeD a MiLl To HaVe WhEaT! RRREEEEEEEEEEE!”

Pretty sure that the mill itself is irrelevant, it is just a cover. The mill is because it is thematically appropriate. They aren’t milling things and then selling poisoned flour, they are using it as a front to sneak poisoned wheat into the town’s supply.

It could be a barber shop for all Rothsfire cares, as long as everything below it is intact and it is far away enough to not arouse suspicion.

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