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The Horror Beneath the Tower

The Horror Beneath the Tower published on 7 Comments on The Horror Beneath the Tower

We’re planning to do this sort of content a bit more regularly so that we have more time to make sure each one of the comics we produce is something we genuinely like.

I’m in the middle of building a PDF to go with this, and it will be available to all of my Patreon Supporters. To that end, I am eliminating the $5 a month support level and making the Arcana Check available to all patrons regardless of support level, which is much more in the spirit o PWYW content on RPG sites.

This a dungeon that you should be able to drop into any high fantasy campaign. Without the PDF I’m building, it’s systems agnostic. Feel free to use it as you please. With the PDF, it will be 5e compatible. Look for that content soon in the blog space beneath this post.

Also, hey, get issue #2 of our comic in print:


Point of information: A cube 5 feet on a side has a volume of 125 cubic feet. A cube labeled “5 cubic feet” should be [cube root of five] feet (or about 20 and a half inches) on a side.

For this purpose, “5 foot cube” is better than “5 cubic feet”.

/end rant. ^_^

I am hearing this a lot on reddit too, but my wife (working on her PhD in math) tells me they’re the same thing.

Very confusing. I’m going to change it eventually though, just because so many people are saying it.

The link Angela R. Slater provided below actually has, in the next paragraph, the point I was making:
“It is important to understand that volume is proportional to the cube of the linear dimension. Thus, if all linear dimensions are tripled, the volume becomes 27 times (3 3 ) as great; if all linear dimensions are cut to 1/12, the volume becomes 1/1,728 (1/12 3 ) as great. A volume of 1 ft 3 is therefore equal to 1/27 yard cubed (1/27 yd 3 ) or 1,728 inches cubed (1,728 in 3 ).”

Likewise, if you increase the measurement of each side by five, the volume increases by 125.

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