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The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 2

The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 2 published on 5 Comments on The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 2

Yes, I know, Candor shouldn’t have that Cantrip and it takes an hour. Don’t spoil their fun, guys.

Also, this is based loosely on true events, but I didn’t want to introduce the real characters, so I… improvised.


Just in case your Monster Manuals aren’t next to you and open, here’s the entry they read.

Money Zone

I’ve had a long week, and the weekend is poised to be longer still. I’m doing it all for you guys, and if that’s worth something to you, let us know over on Patreon. You’ll notice there aren’t any ads on the site. I intend to keep it that way, and your support on Patreon helps make that feasible.


“Don’t spoil their fun, guys” is exactly the attitude I have as a DM. If it’s not exactly to the rules but it sounds plausible, sure, why not? Unless it doesn’t fit the tone of our game and is completely ridiculous I’m usually fine with stuff. I once had two players spend an out of game and excitable half an hour plotting out the perfect shopping list according to the value of items as found in the Player’s Handbook and older, forgotten sources. They presented it to me with a breakdown of the party coffer and exactly how much work at what trades they’d have to do to get the rest of the money they needed; and they did it with such pride at having done a good job that I didn’t have the heart to tell them I was nowhere near that strict! So I just congratulated them for their work and wrote the story around it.

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