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The Archfey – Player Options for Warlocks (Patreon Exclusive)

The Archfey – Player Options for Warlocks (Patreon Exclusive) published on No Comments on The Archfey – Player Options for Warlocks (Patreon Exclusive)

We interrupt the normal flow of comics to show y’all our latest Splatbook, “The Archfey.” This is part of a small series we’ll be doing that revisits the D&D 5e warlock and attempts to give the class more of a thematic feel while maintaining it’s high degree of customization. We started with The Archfey, and will be going through the subclasses one at a time.

The splat book features:

  • An overhaul of the base warlock class: each warlock chooses a patron and an otherworldly power at first level.
  • Invocations & Warlock abilities can be used more or less often, depending on how closely your warlock adheres to their contract.
  • Warlock contracts!
  • New Invocations.
  • A whole mess of new artwork from Zach.
  • This splatbook specifically features Warlocks of the Archfey. Look for The Celestial, The Fiend, and The Great Old One soon.

    This is also a Patreon exclusive, and will be for a while. Patreon is very important to helping us keep the lights on. If you like our comics or are curious about our supplementals and minis, subscribe and be a integral part of keeping us in the art business.

    Click here for a 2-page preview of the splat blook.

    Click here to go to the full PDF, available to our $3 subscribers.

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