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Starfall #25

Starfall #25 published on 5 Comments on Starfall #25

Being a creative during a pandemic is hard.

In the before-fore times, being in my home meant something different. It was relaxing, by default, and it wasn’t super important whether the division of workspace and recreational space was particularly hygienic. In other words, it didn’t matter so much if I watched TV in the place where I wrote. If one thing interfered with the other, I could pack up my laptop, hit the public library, and instantly create a new workspace elsewhere. Or if the opposite was the problem, and the idea that I wasn’t getting work done made it impossible to enjoy myself, I could go out and watch a movie in a theater. There were dedicated work and play spaces outside of my home, and my home could be either one.

With those options all but gone (America is reopening way too soon), I’ve created a slurry of work-play that is stressful no matter what I do. If I’m watching a show, well, I’m in the same place where writing should happen, so I feel guilty for not writing. The inverse is true, too, except instead of guilt, it’s constant temptation to do the easier activity.

This exists with the background radiation of normal existential dread, fear about covid-19, concern about the state of the nation, my mother’s ongoing health issues, and other things that I’m not even sure how to begin expressing.

I wanted to write something poetic at the end of this about the overwhelming desire to create hinting at resilience and overcoming adversity, but I just don’t know if I believe it enough to try to make it sound pretty. Mostly, I just want to take this week and figure out how to make the single room in which I exist with one person and four rabbits somehow have clear-cut lines between work and not-work.

How are you dealing with the pandemic? What are your hobbies? Let me know in the comments.


Luckily (in some ways) I have a low-exposure but critical job (IT for banks), so my work-work space is a cubical away from my life space. However, I am also finishing up a masters degree, and my school-work space and life-space are the same. With classes on Zoom now I find myself playing Minecraft during class because I can justify it as a de-stressing activity (which I incredibly need), but it comes with the guilt of not feeling I am trying hard enough in my acquisition of new skills for my degree.

I also have a 2.5 year old who is going nuts without being able to go out to the playgrounds, and a 3 month old who is actually the most peaceful person in my family. But it is a lot of weight on my shoulders, and getting heavier. Honestly feels like going to work is where I have the least responsibility or being asked of me, and I kinda hate that.

Anyways, I say that to say, I am there with you. My hobbies are (used to be?) my DND group which hasn’t met since thanksgiving, video games (which I can do, but they pull me away from family, which I need to push into more), and learning new skills (which I primarily do at work between tasks. Dabbling in several IT projects for my home).

Honestly though, Thieves Can’t has been something I look forward to and check every day to see if there is something new. You’re doing some great work that is lifting the burden of others, even if you don’t see us! You are very appreciated right now.

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