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That’s… a good question.

If the Sheriff had no idea about a Time Mage, and no real idea of *anything* for that matter, then they may well have taken him in for ‘questioning’ on the basis that they feel he’s hiding something.

But equally, they may decide he is a subject of little import and any information that could be gleaned from him would be rather inconsequential. After all, he’s a small-town Sheriff; hardly the Colonel of the Imperial Guard.

Given everything Harb knows, and the fact he’s likely told them that Ormond told him all about it, they could just as well be tying Ormond to that chair. Candor has rank but Ormond’s just another civvy.

When the LCdr finds out about the Capt’s ‘carefully thought out plan to investigate while not letting the locals think she’s from off world’ and how he’s buggered it up almost beyond repair with his hamfisted bumbling…well, I wouldn’t want to be that LCdr soon to be Lt.
She has the benefit of rank, use it or lose it 😉 Bluster and BS work better on subordinates if you keep them off balance.

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