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pretty cool! is the goliath race unchanged excluding the name? or did you mix in some draconic stuff?

Unchanged, for now. We might tack on a breath attack, or swap Mountain Born for something with a bit more of a copper dragon feel.

Because nothing’s better for an iron helm than acid breath spewing through those air vents!

I’m just surprised they went with a sledgehammer when they can finally justify grabbing a shovel as primary weapon because clerics aren’t allowed to use swords.

The visor must be spring-loaded, crafted by gnomish artificers to pop up or down at the touch of a small lever on the side, specifically for the breath weapon (and looking cool).

As for clerics and swords… is that still a thing in 5e?

Honestly, I don’t know if it is or not-after seeing what 4th edition played like I stuck with Pathfinder. As for the helm, I think it would be more amusing to watch him blast through it and watch the helmet smoke afterward because comic. That might impose visibility penalties, though..

A) I see where the new Reynauldo is coming from, but the helmet of Rey is all we have ever seen of him. Changing the helmet this much means it could almost as well be a completely new character. I get that with a new race comes different features and therefore new helmet, but i think it should be a lesser change than this, so that the similarities help the viewer make more of a bridge between the two figures as one single character.

B) Is there a way to make an account around these parts? I can’t see a button anywhere, and so thought it was reserved for Mr. Bartholomew, but now i see zophah has an icon too.

Hey, I added a log-in button. It just now occurred to me everyone doesn’t have / use wordpress’s (admittedly byzantine) gravitar system. Let me know if you’re allowed to set an avatar as a subscriber. If you can’t, I’ll hack something out.


We actually tried to do Reynauldo as a dragonborn / halfdragon without changing his design. The joke was that he looked exactly the same but his helmet gained a snout. We didn’t get very far with the design tho. Something about it didn’t shiver Zach’s timbers.

I don’t want to come across as too critical, because i actually don’t have that much of a gripe with Rey’s new design. But thou did ask for thoughts, and so i oblige. Now, keeping that in mind:

That image you replied with is basically the EXACT opposite of what i am trying to suggest now.
The face/helmet was changed, the rest stayed the same. I propose the notion that that specific helmet is significant to the easy identification of the character, and so my suggestion is that everything BUT the the helmet should change, or at the very least that the helmet should resemble the original more than the current design. So, IMHO: Keep the design posted way up above, with the dragons arms and neck, but reduce (don’t remove) the helmet’s snout, and maybe remove the wing-ornaments or something.

Also, pressing register seems to have made me an account for this site only, not wordpress in general? IDK, but Gravatar won’t accept either of my email or my username as legitimate accounts.

Ok doke. I’ll see what I can do tonight.

Now, i’m new to wordpress (Maybe i’m not even that, i’m still not sure if what i made with your link counts as a wordpress account or not), so maybe i’m missing something here, but if you already have that wordpress integration, why not just have the register link make you a proper wordpress account? Then you wouldn’t have to bodge anything together. Or go to using Disqus or something, so that one dosn’t have to make an account for one specific webcomic.

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