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Smote Like Sheep

Smote Like Sheep published on 17 Comments on Smote Like Sheep

We do not have the energy to survive that eternal election and still create a full comic. There were a lot of disappointments, but the worst offender is gone, and a slow decline into despotism is, at the very least, delayed.

Fascism is the enemy. Or maybe you call it authoritarianism. If you swim around in far-right waters, you might call it communism (but this is an artifact of propaganda and the deliberate misuse of words). The enemy is concentration camps, nationalized racial supremacy, and last-in, first-out hegemonic hierarchies. Whatever your term for those things is, we have taken a step in fighting it this month, and I am proud of my and my friends’ contributions to the cause. Anti-fascists will not agree on things. A lot of us do not like Joe Biden. But Joe Biden is not a fascist, and enough of us banded together to recognize that fact that we have deposed an actual fascist via peaceful means.

Fascism – authoritarianism – hegemonic hierarchies with extremist positions against minority groups – this phenomenon was not born with Donald John Trump and while it lost an election, it is far, far from dead. One might say, if one were attempting to be clever, that a specter is haunting America. And trying further to be clever, one could say that Americans banded together in a holy alliance to exorcise this specter. I do not think that would be a terribly clever thing to write, though. The analogy, assuming it ends exactly there with no further analysis, is apt, however.

Do not take this post as a me scolding you for being happy. Jesus Christ, please go celebrate. There is a reason that the free world is acting like the USA has overthrown a dictator, and that is because they recognize the extraordinary circumstances and willpower that were required to do what we have done this November. They recognize that if Donald John Trump had ended a 2nd presidential term in good health, he would have sought a 3rd and the rules, as far as he has ever been concerned, would not have applied to him.

So dance in the streets. There is one less cave troll terrorizing our gentle fantasy village. But for the love of freedom, do not put away your dice.


I would like to start off by saying that you have the right to your own opinion and politcal views, and your choice to express them will not stop me from reading your webcomic. That said, I strongly disagree with what you’ve said. President Trump is not a fascist. end of story. You pointed out that fascism, dictatorships, and the things they bring are the enemy, and I wholeheartedly agree with that, so you should be able to understand my confusion when you say that Trump (A republican) was pushing for an authoritarian state. The Democratic party (Biden’s party) is the party that pushes for more power to the federal government with less power to the people, regulations on business and industry, and laws that violate the 2nd ammendment. The Republican party on the other hand defends the second ammendment and fights to give more power to local governments and the people, with a foreign policy that attempts to reduce our dependence on other countries. If Trump’s policies are in line with the political party that fights for LESS federal powers, how is it that he is a fascist that wants to make an authoritarian state?

While you may not agree with the republican policies, do not confuse it with it’s opposite. By definition the Democratic party is closer to fascism than the Republican party. Obviously the Democrats arent fascists so how is the party further from fascism any more fascist?

I just think it’s immoral to use any platform to spread misinformation of any kind.

How are you defining Fascism? Is it brutal subjugation of a disgruntled and agrivated people? Is it hyperfixation on one or several minorities and the belief that they are trying to infiltrate “white” society? Is it rampant imperialism justified by such hyperfixation? What about the erosion of original governmental structure in which they are elected, for the express purpose of consolidating power? Is it nationalistic? Militaristic? Egotistical? Does it rely on the humiliation of its opponents?

Historically, all of these things were a resounding “yes”. Every axis power had all of these characteristics, the only difference being how their respective authoritarian came to power. All of them, coincidentally or not, also describe the Trump presidency.

Now make no mistake, I have no love for Biden and I don’t particularly look forward to his presidency. But I do know that he is not a fascist. An imperialist maybe, a creep almost definitely, but not a fascist. When I call somebody a fascist, I mean it by the literal and historical definition of the word.

I just think inaccurate accusing people of misinformation should only be done when they are wrong.

Remember those confused people who I said might use “communism” to describe the phenomenon of first-in, last-out hegemonic hierarchical structures? You’re one of them.

Republicans are about decentralizing the parts of government that do not serve them, and Trump stepped forward to attempt to take that work and use it to centralize the government *around him.* From using Bill Barr as a personal attorney and carefully installing yes-men wherever he could fit them to attempting to lie his democratic loss into four+ more years of power, Trump proved himself a happy, willing proponent in fascism.

When Trump was asked to denounce white supremacy (and remember that racial nationalism is a core part of fascism), Donald Trump called on his white supremacist followers to “stand by.”

When terrorists sympathetic to Trump’s regime attempted to abduct a sitting US governor, he praised their effort. This was the culmination of every time he asked his followers to do violence on his behalf, of which four years of his “leadership” saw plenty.

So please, don’t confuse yourself further. There is a reason Fox News is cutting away from Trump’s pressers. Small Government Republicanism was not Trump’s goal; it was a thing he tried to take advantage of.

And, please, for the love of God, no one is coming for your guns.

And you took special care to call Trump a republican. I’d like to look at that closer.

While Republicans embraced Trump, they only did so after the election. He was registered to a third party before this for his previous run at POTUS and a registered Democrat before that. During the primary process, Republicans were happy to go on record talking about their hatred for the man.

Pretending that this has anything to do with party lines is dangerous. Trump would have shit on the chessboard this way, regardless of which party he subverted.

Keep in mind you are arguing that the administration that sent unmarked federal troops into cities to kidnap people are the opposite of fascism?

You are so blinded to your political stance that you are incapable of thinking rationally. Examine the concentration camps, the forced separation of families, the hypocritical packing of the Supreme Court, the extensive denial of truth that the Republican politicians have churned out during this term, the threats to the First amendment, and if you really think that’s the opposite of fascism, then there is no discussing any of this with you. You are living in blind denial. If, however, you take a moment to look at the crimes against humanity that this administration has conducted, I hope you’ll reflect on that and come to understand the viewpoint of others.

I’d also like to add, isn’t the purpose of the 2nd amendment to allow the people to fight back against tyranny? Where are the 2nd amendment supporters when families are being forcefully and permanently separated in concentration camps? Where are they when unarmed journalists are being attacked by federal troops? Where are they when unmarked federal troops are abducting citizens into vans? Where would you draw the line?

Regulations on business and industry being bad for personal freedoms is a fucking lie the Republican Party tells morons to get support for removing the regulations that protect them from predictory corporations in exchange for money. The entire party is founded on taking bribes from the rich and lying to the poor about how regulations and government oversight is fundamentally bad.

For example when they remove the regulation against coal mining refuse being dumped in stream water, that only benefits the rich asshole that owns the mining company. He even gets to reduce man hours that driving the refuse further would provide. Meanwhile the water supply for an entire town goes downhill requiring more filtering for worse water and a worse environment for nearby wildlife and recreation.

@Anthony: your entire reasoning seems to come from your unproven belief that the republicans want to give power to the people. I’d argue than less power for the state does NOT necessarily mean more power for the people. Most of the power republicans relinquish goes straight to the corporations, whose interests are not the people’s.

(also, I enjoyed today’s comic, thanks ^^)

I find it uncouth to bring up political ideologies, seeing as both sides are generally 50% bad and 30% good. The last 20% is reserved for internal politics and stupidity.

I’m not sure Trump meets the full criteria for a fascist. He’s got the xenophobia and abuse of power parts down pat, but he doesn’t have the warmongering or the meathead jock mentality. His mental problems lean more towards crackhead than meathead.

I’d say toxic alpha male bullcrap that divides the world into “winners” and “losers”, “killers” and “prey”, and looks down on women, and lives in terror of any sign of weakness while accusing everyone else of being weak… would be close enough to the meathead jock part.

21 days later, the campaign to overturn the fair popular vote continues and the electorate has faced repeated attacks by the troll and his evil minions who want to force them to go against it. The supreme court looms in the distance, nobody knows for sure if the conservative judges are so lost to reason as to vote Republican instead of Lawful.

This comic wasn’t just spot on calling Trump out for being a monster, it was arguably prophetic (and arguably not since most of us saw this coming).

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