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Sling Slang

Sling Slang published on 5 Comments on Sling Slang

Okay, so Cookie Monster is clearly a barbarian with a cookie-themed maul, and Rhod is clearly a Glamour Bard, right? I see no other options here.


Zach’s house got hit with some kind of horrifying electricity problem that fried his computer. We have recovered most of his data, but had to do so without any sort of internet, because the electricity problem also forced Cox to send someone out to do repairs. We are now back and in catch-up mode.

I’d also like to point out that we were very much in a hurry to put up SOME kind of comic, and you should note that this is not in the dragon queen story arc.


a pal of mine cooked up a pyromaniac monk called smokey the bare
he wore a hat that read U.S. forestry service
if asked he would explain that his noble organization was enacting there final attempt to rid the world o those abominations called “trees” it stood for “ultimate solution”
as you might guess no such organization existed and this nudist burn victim “save for the hat” was as much a delusional lunatic as he looked

Cokkie Monster – Bugbear Barbarian. As a young bugbear he stole some cookies and fell in love with them Really regretted murdering that family first because they couldn’t bake any more for him. Now, in his lair, slaves are forced to bake cookies for him night and day to sate his craving.

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