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Rakata-Kau-Tar published on 6 Comments on Rakata-Kau-Tar

Shout-out to Aaron. I don’t know your last name, but your friends love you. I used your city name in today’s comic. I hope that’s cool. I don’t know much about you, but I want you to know that I take you seriously as a creator. Artists always cite their sources, both as respect for fellow creators and so that people can look up cool things that have been borrowed. So I’m going to put this here:

Rakata-Kau-Tar is the the intellectual property of Aaron.

It’s not used with permission, because I have no idea how to contact you. Your friends told me you would get a kick out of seeing it here. If you hate, hate, hate that we used it, reach out to me and I’ll change it asap. Alternatively, if you don’t hate it, I’ll add your last name to the citation if you reach out to me and ask.


I think I needed this comic. Depression is pretty rough. It’s like going into a session with a “special” D20 that only rolls 1s; after playing for a short while you end up thinking “What’s the point?”

I love that you’ve used your medium for stuff like this. I hope Aaron is cool with it, because it’s helped me a bit.

Just a bit.

I maaaaay steal ‘Candor’ as a Warlock PC of my own as a sort of tenuous link to this comic. Call it karma. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hey, Iโ€™m glad something weโ€™re doing is making a positive change out there. And Iโ€™d be super honored for you to bring one of our characters into your game!

And I went through my patreon rewards and made an older (but, I hope, relevant) one public for you (just in case) to bring the character to life at the table a bit.

Thank you so much!

I’ve been spending a week to think how best to reply. I know objectively it’s a small thing to make the token public, but it means a lot.

‘Candor’ is now in the hands of a complete novice. A BrewDog pub in Nottingham runs a D&D night every fortnight and I’m one of the DMs. I mostly run one-shot campaigns designed to introduce newcomers to D&D. One has been coming to us for a little while now, but she’s still not got the hang of character creation yet (To be fair, none of them have). But she did tell me she wanted to be a Warlock, so I thought “I know just the gal for you…”. So I wrote the sheet out (I even made sure she had 17 charisma, as per comic!), and explained about Tieflings and Warlocks in general.

I have a habit of ‘loaning out’ my PCs (though loaning out someone else’s PC is a first…). My favourite PC is ‘Gunthor’, a Mountain Dwarf who is an Artificer/Forge Domain Cleric. Basically your quintessential Dwarven Smith. Great character to play, though after an hour of trying to imitate his gravelly voice my throat goes on strike.

But I digress…

Anyway. I think the best way I can thank you is to sign up to Patreon and subscribe to you. Your comics make mondays bearable and you’ve proven to be a pretty awesome guy. It’s worth a couple of quid a month at least. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again.

<3 Thank you! I hope Candor serves your newcomer well! It's remarkably sweet of you to loan PCs out.

You're at the $5 tier, which is currently very slow to update yet. I like Arcana Check #1, but #2 is proving difficult to put together! That said, I appreciate your patronage a lot.

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