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Starfall #7

Starfall #7 published on 9 Comments on Starfall #7

Puzzle my players can’t solve over 2 sessions: a DC 10 locked door to a closet, behind which is absolutely nothing according to the module, but now that they’ve wrestled with it and attributed divine significance to its door-knob, I feel compelled to make a secret entrance to a much cooler place.

Puzzle my players solve immediately: anything at all that I have spent effort on.


I’m not sure how grappling a slime is a good idea. I see now though that there is the possibility that the Witch is in fact protecting the child and the slimes are the only bad guys here. Still, grappling a slime usually results in exposed bones.

Eh, she’s a half-orc with a d10 hit die. She’ll be fine.

Depends upon the surface tension (skin) of the slime in question. also depends on how detailed the GM wants to make the slime.

The Dungeon cleaner type slimes have Bubbles of Acid to digest you, while the rest of the body serves to hold on to you.

Best bet would have been to Freeze the Slime solid first.

Also, black text on the dark entry fields below make it really hard for me to confirm what I have typed.

Huh. That’s definitely not what it’s set up to look like in the CSS. Can you post a screenshot for me and tell me what OS / Browser you’re using?

Well the Comment field is fine, I can read this just fine as I enter it.
But the Name, Email, and Websites don’t have the “entry text” Font color set.
I’m using Firefox on my Windows 10 machine to post this.

and I can’t figure out how to attach the image to this directly 🙁
It’s not like its a forum bulletin board.

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