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Press one button a lot.

Press one button a lot. published on 7 Comments on Press one button a lot.

Hey everyone,
I am scrambling to catch up. Sorry about the late comic. I’m going to put up a blog post about the comic delays that hopefully put them in some perspective.

In the meantime, I hope that watching Keelie try to combine the worst aspects of power-gaming with an awkward “speaks entirely in meta” attempt at roleplay is pleasing to you.

Guess what comes next.

A vote. Our patrons at the “Crew” tier are going to decide whether the party leaps into certain doom to save some children, or whether they go to the keep to deal with the kobolds — or something else entirely. I’m going to go publish that poll and open comments on it in a few minutes, so if you’re part of the crew stay tuned for a link that I’ll edit into this post.


We should also have some monster art for the Kickstarter to show off… soon?(tm)


Why can’t they just try to lead the dragon to the keep?

There’s the potential issue of a dragon so large that it only really gives “ignored” and “TPK” options to characters at their level.

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