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Power Chord: Kill

Power Chord: Kill published on 4 Comments on Power Chord: Kill

Zach is under the weather and the page we’re working on has some structural problems that just aren’t getting solved today, so I’m going to go ahead and platform this week’s Arcana Check, and open that puppy up to the public.

I am especially fond of this one, and I’m super interested in y’all’s thoughts.

It introduces Bardic Songs back into 5e in the form of spells that can only be cast with bard spell slots, and that do special things when the bard uses their inspiration dice.

And it introduces the college of metal, which is basically for people who want to roleplay a manowar album cover without rolling a barbarian.

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And if you dislike Patreon, we have a Pay What You Want version up on the DM Guild.


My musings as I go through Bardic Songs

1) General concept: Love it. Personal opinion is that all Charisma casters should be weird and not miscable with everything else, or all be Spell points and applicable only across CHA casters as different facets of applying your will to the world. This is one step farther than “Bard spell slots only”, but might strike a good balance as a separate spell system that is still more than one class. As a note, I would fold all Paladin non-Aura abilities into this (LoH, and spells), to make it all fueled by this reserves. Sorcerors would be Metamagic and spells.
But enough of that. Back to the Bard

2) Adding Performance to Concentration: I am wary of this as it is a double up, and I am not sure how often that actually happens in 5e. However a subsitution of a Performance Check for a Concentration save (which is essentially switching Charisma in for Constitution) would work to me. It does make them SAD, but it also means that they cannot take a hit as well if they don’t invest in CON. And CHA is a “weak” save anyways, so I think it balances.

3) Do the songs count as “spells known” or can the Bard just pick up the general ones as they level and seek out sheet music? I know they are usually “innate” casters, but there is something to be said to comparing Bardic music to a Ritual casting style of magic.

4) Not sure if I can critique College of Metal, but I love the image

All in all, I love the idea of this. I think my ideal would be to have all non Magical Secrets Bard spells be Bard songs, with a few lesser “ritual songs” that can allow for improving Hit Dice rolls and the like. Perhaps each subclass gains a few “trade specific songs” like bonus spells, with the rest being snippets that the Bard needs to hunt down or develop for themselves.

Thank you for sharing your ideas, and for the awesome comic!

Good stuff! Thanks!

I may have worded it badly, but my intention is that to maintain concentration on a Bardic Song, you are just making a performance check. I will go through and make sure that’s what it actually says.

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