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On bypassing skill challenges with magic

On bypassing skill challenges with magic published on 8 Comments on On bypassing skill challenges with magic

Creative, magical solutions are occasionally tied to unintended consequences, though this is usually on my part and not my players. Having a villain try to escape by flying away when the players have all their spells slots, for instance, is a fantastic way for said villain to take fall damage on top of spell damage and probably also fall into the wood-chipper– I mean into the range of the martial classes.

Every so often, though, the players cast a spell and I have to pipe up with an “if you really want to, okay” so that they second-guess themselves into not being buried alive.

Also, to save the unfamiliar some trouble, this is what Tiny Hut does. You may be used to it having some troublesome, copyright protected name in front of the spell’s name.

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I’m now trying to think of the best course of action for them. The Hut is safe so long as Candor remains in it.

I did think they could use ‘Move Earth’ to try and tunnel out, but not only is it not a Warlock spell, but Candor would have to be the one to cast it, and she can’t leave the Dome.

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head would be outside interference, like an Umber Hulk burrowing through (and then attempting to murder the party, naturally) or, say, a Black Dragonborn Coffeelock using Move Earth to save their asses… 😛

Candor recasts the spell at the edge of the dome, moving it. The characters clear the rubble from one side to the other. Rubble cannot collapse on their dome. When the rubble is cleared, Candor recasts again. They do this until they reach something that isn’t rubble. Since they’re about 500 feet underground, this is probably bedrock. RIP.

Move dome so some rubble is inside it.

Arrange rubble to raise the floor height.

Recast from new floor level, taking care to only let a “dodgeable” amount of rubble in.

Repeat ascending.

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