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Nightingale: A Divine Rogue for Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Nightingale: A Divine Rogue for Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Nightingale published on 1 Comment on Nightingale

The polls are still open about what happens next in the comic. In the meantime, Zach is catching up on Kickstarter art, and I’ll be sharing more of The Arcana Check.

This week, we’ve got the Nightingale, a caster-rogue that ferrets out evil. Nightingales have bonuses to persuasion and intimidation checks when making inquiries about the activities of evil creatures, access to paladin spells, bonuses to using silvered weapons, and bonuses against creatures with legendary resistances. If you’ve ever wanted to play a cross between (as my friend Ashley put it) “Batman and The Witcher,” then the Nightingale might be for you. Download the PDF for free and if you like this sort of content, support us on Patreon to help us keep making it, or grab a copy of the PWYW version on the DM Guild (a link will appear here soon).

Edit: See? Told you.

Arcana Check Changes

So, I think the Arcana Check in general needs to be a PWYW document, rather than gated behind a paywall. That’s a transition that will be coming. We can’t make it without your support, but the nature of tabletop RPGs makes it a bit silly to hide the content, especially since it’ll eventually end up on someone’s google drive folder containing every rpg pdf created since the dawn of time. I’m thinking that small documents like subclasses and races will be free, and larger documents like our upcoming adventure (tentatively titled “The Forgotten Library”) will sit behind the paywall. This isn’t super satisfying for the $1 tier supporters, since content that only they have access to will be fairly sparse, but since most of these subscription schemes have “a hearty thanks from the bowels of my dark soul!” as the $1 reward, I’m going to stop myself from feeling too terribly bad about it.


I want more people voting when the comic takes a turn in one direction or another, and I do want that to be gated, since online polls are fairly easy to manipulate. What do you guys think about voting being rolled into the $1 tier? And what should the $5 tier get to replace it?

Stuff to look for

As mentioned above, I’m working on an adventure for the Arcana Check. Zach is working hard on catching up on Kickstarter art assets so that we can get them printed and shipped. Next week, expect a one-shot comic, and then back into the story (potentially with a lot more people having voted, depending on what you guys say about this post.)

Additionally, expect an audio blog entry on the Patreon about the creation of the Nightingale, a look at the upcoming adventure, and a little D&D story that (if we ever get caught up) we plan to make into an animatic.

Also, I love the DM Guild, but I’m going to add a little store to the website that will allow you guys to get PWYW content directly from us. The DM Guild takes 50%, and most of the traffic to our stuff there comes from our subreddit or our site. The DM Guild will still be an option for folk, but I want people to have more ways to vote with their dollars, and an opportunity to not have to share the little bit of money we generate with platforms that we are sending other people to.

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