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Never trust the page the DM has open

Never trust the page the DM has open published on 6 Comments on Never trust the page the DM has open

Expect an Arcana Check later this week. I’m finally comfortably in a place where I can go to work, come home, and do creative stuff. For real, this time. Last night? I came home and opened MS word instead of collapsing in a dying heap on my bed. It was weird and I worried it was a fever dream, except this morning, the stuff I’d written was all still there. Score!


I love stuff like this in my games. “You open the door to find an innocuous, nondescript room with a mountain of treasure inside. Chests ajar and overflowing with gold; you think you see a jewel-encrusted sword hilt sticking out of one of the piles… there are beautiful goblets and other artifacts, but the dim lighting means you need to go a bit further inside to really get the full picture. What do you do?”

And then sit and watch the party stew on it for an hour. Because if something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Sometimes I won’t even booby-trap it. Fortune favours the brave – literally. Or sometimes I’ll quietly set a timer of 60 seconds. If someone hasn’t rushed in to loot what they can, the floor beneath the treasure collapses and the loot is gone forever.

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