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Montage published on 13 Comments on Montage

I tried to resist writing this one and I couldn’t and I’m sorry. 🙁

If the reference is lost on you, here’s what they’re singing (sort of):


I’m gainfully employed! I’m a delivery driver as of yesterday. Wish me luck!


To me, D&D is always at least ridiculous with maybe a dash of cosmic horror. Kinda like an 80s cartoon version of Conan the Barbarian.

Plus, considering what level 1 go through to level up, going from Level 0 to level 1 could be done with a training montage.

Congrats, Bart.

This is in your wheelhouse — you already deliver great comics. 😉

this might be me nitpicking, but shouldn’t “wait you guys rehearsed this.” have a ? at the end, or was is supposed to be a statement?

It’s a statement, not a question. Only intonated statements, ie. statements used as questions, have a questionmark at the end. Thus we can infer that the statement isn’t intonated – she isn’t seeking reassurance on the statement, she’s just stating it. No puzzlement, just realisation. Think “I see what you did there” moment.

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