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While informative, the history lesson attached to the end of that song, seems overly pessimistic with it’s “and their still out there” conclusion. While they might not have brought in the first whale they saw on their first try, the whole song seems generally optimistic and certain that they will be done soon enough rather than cursed to fail forever.

Is the person in green in panel 1 the same as in panel 2? I feel like they are, but the… “torso area” in panel 2 makes me think otherwise. Am I digging too deep here?

The 2 blonds are both female. One was the ‘murderous’ referee and the other grabbed the bag of holding & ran – thus causing the ceiling collapse. This explains the ‘both his daughters are evil’ comment. Great comment, BTW: totally accurate.

The “bag grabber” is at the bottom of the frame in panel 2, I’m talking about the woman standing next to the Father in panel 2 vs. the DM in panel 1. The next page of this comic also draws the DM without that “feature”, and it’s also not seen in the preceding pages. Just a little weird why that “feature” isn’t drawn anywhere else.

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