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So on page one we had Sera behind the DM’s Screen, with Skyler, Arty, Scott, and Mei Li around the table. But now we have FIVE PCs on screen: Reynauldo; Keelie; Candor; Ormond; and The New Goblin (who is apparently Arty).

There is only one conclusion: Uncle Frank (drinking a cuppa coffee on page one) is also playing.

That or the fifth player was off screen entirely on page one. ^_^

I desperately want Uncle Frank to be Candor.

I may not know any of these peoples’ names, but I know Candor is the one who knew dark elvish. She’s still pondering what the note means.

The Player translated the note out loud though so Candor could be reacting to what that PC said.
But I also do think it would make the most sense for Candor to know Dark Elvish.

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