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Load Bearing – PG1

Load Bearing – PG1 published on 9 Comments on Load Bearing – PG1

We’re taking a small break from Starfall to do this four-page comic where you guys can meet some of the players, instead of just the characters.

We originally wanted to make this for Patreon while Starfall kept updating, but we just don’t have that kind of throughput.

If you have no idea who any of these characters are, you can learn more about them at our other comic site, Ramen Empire.


So based on the fact that these are all the same people as in Ramen Empire. Sera is the DM and we have been introduced to her. Skyler is Keelie no doubt. But Candor is obviously based off of Sera (same hair style, views on social justice, has a rabbit side kick). This makes me think that Candor is actually being played by Sera’s little sister. Scott is Reynauldo as he is the old school player. Finally Mei Li being from China is unlikely to have experienced much D&D growing up (I don’t believe the game was big there but what do I know about gaming in China) so her being Ormond the new player who is picking up the game makes the most sense to me.

P.S. Forgot about Ramen Empire till this comic hit. Reread the whole thing in one sitting again. Thank you so much for making amazing comics with great characters. I really rely on you guys with a lot of my favorite web comics calling it quits recently. Keep up the amazing work! Excelsior!

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