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I’ve moved.

I’ve moved. published on 1 Comment on I’ve moved.

I feel a little like I’ve leveled up. I’m in a new city now, writing this. I’m now two hours away from Zach, so we’re going to have to do all of the in-person stuff we used to do via discord. That’s going to take a lot of adjustments, but I’ve got faith.

We got one final gaming session in before I split and we tested out the new Pathfinder 2e system. So far, it gets way more right than wrong, and I suspect it’s going to be a staple of my RPG tabletop diet. There are still a few rough edges, for sure, but that’s why they sent it out to the community.

I need to go unload boxes. Expect a proper comic and a patreon comic next week, and some paper mini goblins to be released as this week rolls out.


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Technically speaking, Candor & co can’t die either. But I imagine they can feel *pain*

I wonder what the psychological effects would be of suffering the pain of what should be certain, instant death over and over again and yet not only never dying, but being in perfect physical health? And spending every moment fighting the same monster that’s knocking you around constantly?

Remember kids: Cure Wounds only heals ‘physical’ wounds…

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