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Ignoring the DM is an Auto-Fail

Ignoring the DM is an Auto-Fail published on 9 Comments on Ignoring the DM is an Auto-Fail

We’re transitioning into a story-line in the spelljammer setting, since doing comics about specific campaigns turned out to be legally dubious and, frankly, boring.

This is definitely an excuse to break out the Jelly Cube of Character Redesigns.


It’s mainly an MMO term that has bled over / cross-pollinated back into tabletop RPGs.

It refers to a character who can wear only cloth / very light armor, such as certain spell-casters. Their weapons and armor are often tertiary to their combat effectiveness, attacks, and defenses.

Most players I know would at least wait for a campaign’s end to switch classes, but Candor may have a mile long list of reasons why she can’t stick with spellcaster in a group with two brawlers, a rogue and a tendency to split up. I was in a campaign where a custom class brawler quit entirely and the rogue demanded to be reskinned as a ‘more interesting’ class entirely because neither were able to prove they were the best DPSer… but I don’t think that’s a story for a comments section of a comic about a completely different group.

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