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Vladislav doesn't eat bards.
Vladislav doesn't eat bards.

Starfall #4

Starfall #4 published on 9 Comments on Starfall #4

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I remember a game where I played an edgelord…
…and the other 4 players played one too.

Fun times.

I almost got my new character killed because I had his introduction as a prisoner that seduced the bandit captain’s wife then escaped on his prized warhorse. The party (of all Neutrals) figured that this really was _my problem_ until I pointed out there may be a bounty on this group’s head.

He was a fun character just for the fact that he had a modified bit for the horse with a built in Myrlund’s spoon so he didn’t have to pay for/carry feed for the horse.

Even when I play edgelords, I always make sure that they can work with other people, because DnD is a game about teamwork. Even my sociopathic rogue who enjoys the act of killing was still capable of working with people who he saw as “useful” and wasn’t willing to go around killing willy-nilly because otherwise, he’d be killed. Anyway yeah so ends my rant thank you

I refereed a Champions game back in 1982 where the 4 players did not coordinate their characters – or communicate with each other at all. EVERY ONE of them designed a Wolverine clone with the psychological limitations of overconfident, loner & belligerent. 2 of the 4 also made their Wolvie clones drunkards. All of them also took the maximum number of hunted disadvantages [appearing on a 14 or less when 3d6 were rolled].

So the scenario changed from being recruited to go infiltrate a facility to a giant brawl when 3 different groups of the folks hunting them show up. As the rolls went, 10-12 of their hunted groups should have showed up, but I decided only 3 groups would appear. I thought 3 of their hunted groups complimented each other: one group following another group, with the 3rd group attracted by the fight.

True to form, all 4 of the loners refused to cooperate during the battle royale that followed. For the most part their hunted groups were using non-lethal fighting technicques. All 4 of the Wolvies popped killing attack claws, so there was a high body count. By the end of it, 1 Wolvie successfully hides in a sewer and stealths away, while the other 3 were dropped by their opponents. The 3 hunting groups divide up their fallen targets – one of the groups not realizing they had the wrong Wolvie clone & that’s how the game ended.

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