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Heck, I haven’t even read my class section. Do I still speak Lawful Good?

Heck, I haven’t even read my class section. Do I still speak Lawful Good? published on 2 Comments on Heck, I haven’t even read my class section. Do I still speak Lawful Good?

Paladins used to speak the language of their alignment. I was never sure what that meant, but I dig it as world building. I also like the idea that Reynauldo hasn’t played this game since AD&D.


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The alignment language was, as far as I learned from the Grognards, something akin to the lingua franka of the blocks – order and chaos way back then. Akin to how the whole of Europe (excluding peasants, women etc.) spoke Latin for a few centuries, regardless of their native tongue.

There was assumed that everyone on the side of order spoke one common language, and everyone on the side of chaos spoke one, too. I wonder how that would work for modern nine-fold alignments. Four languages( Order, chaos, good and evil? What about true neutrals? Would they speak all or neither?

Yup, this is pretty much correct. It was tied into the ‘implied setting’ of OD&D that Law vs Chaos was the main point of conflict, with Neutral standing in for the Balance. It was a very Moorcockian view of the setting. It made sense in that context but made less sense once we had the 9 alignment scale.

Alignment languages did mean that you didn’t need a 100 languages to talk to every different race you met, leading to more roleplay opportunities when you stumbled across some race you’d never heard of. And of course, in the old days, you weren’t interested in killing everything you encountered. You just wanted their treasure (because gold=xp) so if you could lie, swindle, ally with or sneak past an encounter to get the gold, that was always better than risking yourself in a fight.

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