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The Glass Wyrm

The Glass Wyrm published on 3 Comments on The Glass Wyrm

This guy was inspired by Guy’s channel on Youtube – “How To Be A Great GM.” He recently released an absolutely magical video describing a glass dragon. Zach and I loved the idea and ran with it. Watch his video here:

I’m a bit in love with the adventure hook involving a Medusa that worships a dragon that also petrifies people. Perhaps she tracks it across the great dudes, bringing it stone statues that it can more easily encase in its white-hot vanity. Or perhaps they seek to make one another into statues for their own twisted reasons.

When my party gets out of the mist-drenched forests of Barovia, they’re definitely going to have a non-test encounter with a glass wyrm and its dubious cultist.

Zach and I intended to release this guy to everyone as a kind of preview of the content we plan to be making, and as novelty to share with the world — this paper mini is absurdly huge and cannot be contained by such pettiness as a paywall.

But I also uploaded everything so late last night that I went on auto-pilot and paywalled the entire thing. It only occurred to me at breakfast just now that I’d messed that up. It’s fixed now, so you should be able to grab everything right here for free:


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