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Feed Drop – REM: Shadow Work

Feed Drop – REM: Shadow Work published on No Comments on Feed Drop – REM: Shadow Work

Rickeria Lendale (Artist, KAJ or Keria’s Art Journey) and Aniekanabasi White (Writer, Affai Basi) are co-creators of the anthology Webtoon story REM: Shadow Work. The psychological drama is about a man named Mendel who miraculously starts seeing shadow figures following people around. Then pretty soon he is granted a benevolent being to destroy these shadow figures however, something is dwelling within Mendel that may harbor his own shadow. You can read the story here:

About the writer

Aniekanabasi White was born in Iowa. He is an author specializing in Science Fiction & Fantasy. Comics, Novels, Novellas and Scripts. You can find more of his content here:

About the artist

Rickeria Lendale was born in a small rural town called Pahokee Florida located in Palm Beach County. She specializes in drawing Digital Illustrations, Children’s Illustrations, Comics, and more. She is also a Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator. You can find the links to her work and website here:

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