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Extra-Dimensional Bag of Rapid Swimming

Extra-Dimensional Bag of Rapid Swimming published on 12 Comments on Extra-Dimensional Bag of Rapid Swimming

Taken from last week’s game, almost directly. Our halfling was 100% certain that I was about to pop his bag of holding. Joke’s on him! I launched him away from the Oblex that was hiding from them at the bottom of the room.


So, my sister-in-law is selling a bunch of her nerd gear. Check it out and see if there’s anything you’ve been meaning to grab. She’s going through a lot of bad stuff lately, so I’m helping her move this stuff to raise some survival funds.


I feel like the drawing is backwards from the explanation, as it looks (to me) like the opening is the leading front of the reverse rocketry system.

Granted, my brain is breaking along with the Conservation laws which are uncool and thus don’t apply to the Rule of Cool (or Funny).

Good strip! May steal this idea for my own use.

A related question: how do you open the bag underwater without getting sucked into it? That’s one heck of a pressure differential. By a similar token, when you open it in atmosphere you ought to create a pretty strong local breeze…maybe it doesn’t pay to think too closely about this stuff. 🙂

This reminds me of the Flying Gnome trick. Only for water travel rather than air travel.

(For those not familiar: Take a Gnome Wizard/Sorcerer. Cast Reduce on self, then use Mage Hand to pick yourself up, up and away! Great for escaping those combat situations you just can’t win.)

Reduce. The target’s size is halved in all dimensions, and its weight is reduced to one-eighth of normal.

The hand can’t Attack, activate magical items, or carry more than 10 pounds.

just make sure you weigh at most 80 pounds.

quotes from roll20 btw

Yes. I don’t need the descriptions recited, thank you.

Also from Roll20 is that Gnomes weigh – on /average/ – 40lbs. A reasonable argument could be made that a Gnome of particularly slight build could weigh as little as 30-35lbs (considering the average weight of a human is 137lbs yet I have friends who weigh as little as 90lbs).

As for excessive amounts of gear: That’s why we keep the big, dumb Barbarian around, right? That and Bags of Holding are a thing.

Actually, since it states in the description that sharp objects can pierce it from inside and destroy it it would theoretically pressurize water inside the 64 foot cubic space similar tot he first bathysphere test. Unfortunately you would have to cut it off at this point as eventually it would suck in so much water it ruptures, destroying itself and the water within. Unless the inside and outside just stabilize and the bag is now filled with a lot of water.

>If the bag is overloaded, pierced, or torn, it ruptures and is destroyed

He’s only going to suck up 8 cubic feet of water, before this happens. Presuming there isn’t already stuff in the bag. All of his stuff inside is now gone, and depending on the rules, he might be joining that crap in the Astral plane.

All of which is to say, magic items are dangerous, even the relatively simple or mundane ones. The enchantment must be really self contained and simple if it simply exists with no consequence.

Paying attention to these rules makes the game more interesting, to see how they recover after dredging themselves up from the flooded chamber, now cold, wet, wounded, and lacking all of their regular gear that would resolve that problem. And they’ll probably be hungry after a while. It also allows gold to retain it’s value, because of the cycle of lost and recovery.

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