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Did you know light clerics can cast fireball? I sure didn’t.

Did you know light clerics can cast fireball? I sure didn’t. published on 6 Comments on Did you know light clerics can cast fireball? I sure didn’t.

Twist: the medusa had information they needed. C’est la vie.

Zach has been fighting off a series of migraines that he is attributing to the weather. I keep telling him to take a Tylenol suppository but he won’t. If you won’t even shove a single fist-sized pill into your sigmoid, you clearly want the crippling headache.


Also: The epicentre of the fireball was behind the Medusa, so even if fireball = light, it would reveal a silhouette of a figure. Is it a Medusa? Or is it Reynauldo’s wife with bed hair? WHO KNOWS? In any case, Reynauldo can’t see her eyes, so the conditions for Petrifying Gaze weren’t met.


Except, as you can see by the light in the comic and by the fact that the light from fireball would distribute at least 20 feet in any direction, she would have side lighting as well (and the fact that it looks like the fireball’s epicenter was to her right), which would allow her eyes to be illuminated.


I joke, but I imagine it’s like this:

PS I’m just messing with ya, please don’t take this as a serious response.

Also also: How did you not know Light Clerics could use Fireball? It’s the main reason why the subclass is so attractive.

…says the guy who didn’t realise Clerics know every spell in the Cleric Spell List until Zee Bashew did a video on it…

Weather-related headaches are usually pressure-based. My solution – which usually works within 15 minutes – is 3 standard-size ibuprophen and 1 24-hour sudafed. This is approximately a dose and a half of ibuprophen, so be careful about further doses.

Tell Zach to feel better. 🙂

A friend of mine has recurring migraines, and one of her solutions is to get a smoothy (she likes the Island Detox Green from one of the chains, add extra ginger and vitamin C), and go for deliberate brain freeze.

Brain freeze is caused by the blood vessels in the roof of the mouth that share blood flood with the brain contracting from the cold, and then relaxing — the renewed rush of blood is what caused the sensation. This can help normalize blood flow in and out of the brain, and offer some relief.

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