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Credo of the North American Murder Hobo

Credo of the North American Murder Hobo published on 6 Comments on Credo of the North American Murder Hobo

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I am just hating everyone in this whole damn party.
The paladin’s a casual’esk video gamer who seems most intent with pushing the plot and being a bit goofy
The rogue’s a hipster who I liked at first, but the sudden disconnect from reality and complete lack of basic knowledge is jarring
The Ork is a min/maxing munchkin who forgets the “RP” in “RPG”
And the Tiefling is your archetypical “5e is the only game that exists” snowflake insistant on making everything everyone elses fault and making weeby japanese references and being “unique”.

…As someone who has been playing RPGs for 20 years now and GM’ing for 15 of those, I hate how *perfectly* you have captured the essence of the types of players you’ll find these days. I raise my drink with a glare. xD

One DM to another, maybe its time to hang up the dice if you hate your players so much. I’m in the middle of the player age range. Not old enough to have been playing for decades but older than the teens and early twenties kids joining the hobby in its current resurgence and I gotta say: Adapt or die. The old ways were not actually better.

I have dealt with all these type, but bear no resentment – even toward the ones who have to be reminded to “get off Facebook”. The shared movie quotes are fun. It’s great to see people playing to their strengths and improvising, and not getting too upset when they miss.

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