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Starfall Map

Starfall Map published on 8 Comments on Starfall Map

I need to head out the door RIGHT NOW, but check this space later tonight for a blog post.

So Paper Minis aren’t really working for us. They’re fun, but we’re not convinced that more than a very small handful of the overall D&D community are using them, especially not compared to pewter, plastic, and other 3D minis — or online tokens. We might make more paper mini packs, depending on how well the previous one sells, but effective immediately, they’re not going to be a part of our Patreon reward structure.

If you have access to paper minis now from our Patreon, you’ll keep that access for as long as you’re a Patron, but we’re not adding more.

We had wanted to split our efforts between comics and games, and it’s just not something we have the collective strength for.

My small splatbooks, like subclasses and rules tweeks, are just going to be free posts. Larger books will find a home on Kickstarter, but only after I’ve fulfilled my obligations with Issue #2 of Thieves Can’t.

Patreon is going to become focused entirely on this comic strip, so that rather than being a campaign that divides our efforts among a bunch of little projects, it becomes a place where our superfans can celebrate with us. We may or may not mirror future patreon content elsewhere for people who do not like that company.

The New Thieves Can’t Patreon Campaign

The $1 patron tier is becoming a special role in our Discord channel. This means access to a private channel, a blue name in chat, and the typical expression of gratitude for supporting us. If I can eventually figure out the tech for it, I’d like this to extend to the comments section here on the site, but my PhP is abysmally limited.

The $5 patron tier is becoming a look ahead. Starting today, Patreon will be a place where we post all of the comics, immediately, as soon as we finish them. There is a timed release feature for those comics to become public, but until their release date, they will only be visible to our $5 backers.

The $10 tier will be for people to put a blurb under the comic. This can be a link to a passion project, a funny [but clean] joke, or something else that we negotiate together. These blurbs will appear at the end of the blog posts made during the tenure of your patronage. There are some rules — it can’t be a place where you sell stuff, for instance. I’m willing to sell advertising space, but that’s something you’d need to reach out to me directly for.

And the $15 dollar tier will become a place where people can download blank PSDs and AI files of the comics. This is great for aspiring artists and cartoonists who want to see how we work, as well as up-and-coming memelords who want a blank high resolution wedge of a character’s face for their own inscrutable purposes. Zach and I will also answer technical questions about how we make stuff at this tier.

None of this is active yet, but look for it, in the words of the Ilwrath, who are TOTALLY returning to their base on the moon, “real soon.”


The comic image doesn’t load if Javascript is turned off :/

Try now

Still a nope; I just see the “previous, random, next” links repeated twice with about 30 pixels worth of space in between :/

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