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Beauty is definitely elsewhere

Beauty is definitely elsewhere published on 10 Comments on Beauty is definitely elsewhere

I think this was funnier to me last night, but that Zach nailed the art. I love it when he uses negative space in the backgrounds like this.


There might be some strangeness from the website in the next few days. I’m getting ready to push my staging site live, and when I do that, there will be a store, from which you’ll be able to buy our PDFs and comics – probably in “Pay What You Want” form for both, and where I’ll also be selling printed versions of both (the comic being the harder of the two because, yaknow, color.)

Part of Kickstarting the comic was always going to be “Get the comic into stores.” Part of what I have learned with comics is that:

1. Big publishers have zero interest in our project. To date, not a single publisher has responded to my query letters. That’s not unusual, and even though I find it annoying, it really is an industry standard to ignore propositions you’re not interested in, so please don’t send anyone mean tweets or whatever because of this.

2. Indie comic stores are generally interested in 1-2 copies, but have universally told me that they won’t buy those copies from me and that those copies are more likely to decay on a shelf than to sell.

2a. The caveat here is that if I can get the comic into a Diamond Comic Distributors’ catalogue, this changes, since customers can ask for the comic and it becomes easy to order.

2b. But Diamond Comic Distrubutors is among the people who ignored my queries. Again, please no mean tweets. I promise this is normal.

3. It’s just going to be easier to have a relationship with a printer and sell stuff on the site.

There is some back-end stuff I have been doing to make our site a place where our fans can buy our stuff without having to go through middlemen like the DMs Guild and Patreon (though we’ll still be on both), and that stuff is almost ready for human consumption. If you arrive on the site over the next few days and something doesn’t work right, please pop over to and let me know. It’s most likely something I’m working on or that will fix itself in short order, but I’d much rather hear about a problem I know about than not know about a problem.


It’s… so bright.

Yeah, I fucked up bad. I am not a developer. 🙁

Sadly, my webpage skills are about 20 years out of date, CCS and this crazy white-on-white design that’s “trendy” now are beyond me.

The white design is an accident. I accidentally deleted my CSS. It should be gone now.

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