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Badwinnie published on 6 Comments on Badwinnie

Huge shoutout to Mark L. Chanceof Spes Magna Games for creating a statblock for the dreaded Badwinnie.


Also, you may have heard that we’re doing a Kickstarter. We’re four dollars away from our $1,500 stretch goal, so pick up a PDF of issue #2, or a character commission, or an adorable Reynauldo Helmet.

We’ve got a page-count finally: the comic pages will be 30. We’re still creating the adventure notes part of the book though, so it’ll run a bit longer.


$4 to get that first stretch goal — someone get your neighbor’s SO’s sister’s work buddy to order the $5 level!

I need to pick up the pace on social media again, but I’m currently working on something that I think will make the Patreon more interesting — largely because I suspect everyone who wants a book already has one.

Which is more than fine! It just means my efforts go back to trying to get this in front of new readers. =)

I do appreciate your constant enthusiasm and support though. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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