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Alternative comic direction: THUNDER-MOUSE HOOOOOO

Alternative comic direction: THUNDER-MOUSE HOOOOOO published on 8 Comments on Alternative comic direction: THUNDER-MOUSE HOOOOOO

If you haven’t seen the Mouse-folk homebrew yet, your life is empty. Click this and instantly defeat the crushing ennui of mortality. My players automatically assume that it’s usable at my table because I fawn over it so often — so much so that one of them (briefly) brought a Mousefolk Fighter to my Darkest Dungeon-themed home game. It was delightfully jarring.

Rerolling Keelie

We’ve given a lot of thought about what Class / Race Keelie’s player is going to bring to Issue 3 after her untimely demise. We’ve decided we’re going to let a reader decide, though we’re not certain just yet the best way to do this.

Stay tuned!


Make a list of possible classes she might play as and put it up as a vote-able bit here. do the same with races (or ROLL for it.) after that, we can send you a list of homebrew archetypes here, because of course she’d want something interesting~

Or if you are welded to the idea of her playing Mighty Mouse, I think we could oblige you and find you a fitting class/archetype homebrew for this~! I know of one for fighters and one for monks of the top of my head. (Power Ranger and Henshin respectively)

If you’re still taking suggestions, go look at page 206 of the 5e Monster Manual; the artwork *clearly* depicts Gaston (of Beauty and the Beast fame) wrestling a Werewolf.

There you go. Human Barbarian (who may or may not have picked up lycanthropy from his tussle…). Second highest stat has to be Charisma.

Fatal flaws should be obvious, really…

pretty sure Gaston was a ranger

I thought about that. To me, Rangers are somewhat dextrous (though you can strength-build them, but then you might as well go Fighter). Gaston doesn’t strike me as especially dextrous, clomping around in those boots.

Saying that, in hindsight, even if he’s not a Ranger, he’s more Fighter than Barbarian. Or maybe a horrible multiclass of all three.

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