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Death House Minis

Death House Minis published on No Comments on Death House Minis

Hey everyone!

No comic this week. We were pushing to get our first splat book of the year out. This is up on Patreon already for all of our supporters (at any level) as a thank-you for your consistent support. You guys help us a ton, and motivate us to branch out with our art and stories.

If you ever backed us on Kickstarter, these files will be added to both Kickstarter campaigns as an update (and an Issue 2 update will be coming soon after.)

For anyone else, there are two ways to grab these minis.

The first is on our store here on the Thieves Can’t Store, where you contribute directly off our light bill.

The second is on the DM Guild, where the powers-that-be take a cut, but where you can leave reviews. This helps us a lot too, since purchases on the DM Guild help expose our stuff to new people.

If you end up printing and using these paper minis, please take pictures and show us on our social media — we’re on Instagram and Twitter (@YesThievesCan), reddit (r/thievescant) and Facebook. And naturally, if you have any problems with the minis, please let us know ASAP.

We’ll see you guys early next week with a new comic!

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