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Giant Space Hamsters are NOT extinct in my heart.

Starfall #10

Starfall #10 published on 9 Comments on Starfall #10

Okay, and the story ball is rolling. I hope you like fantasy space 80s weirdness, cuz that’s where we’re headed.


I relettered the last panel and re-uploaded it. It was kind of hard to follow.

More Edit:

Also fixed a half-billion typos.


I recognize that lion as the mascot for a failed space simulator on Kickstarter; apparently the masses didn’t care for gleeful random bad things that can ruin the entire run. Going by that standard, the T-rex might be King Dinosaur Games that made the very successful That Which Sleeps campaign which turned out to be a scam by the programmer. I don’t recognize the giant hamster if this is about iconic indie game fails, though.

Oh, man, you think I am way more clever than I am.

The Giant Space Hamster is from Spelljammer.

The Lion Wheel is actually called a Roving Mauler, and it’s from the 2006 Tome of Magic supplement.

And dinosaurs are just dinosaurs.

In this comic’s setting, all of these are extinct.

I’d love it if I’d made some kind of deep cut like you suggested, but I just didn’t. 🙁

The Lion Wheel is also known as a Buer, and the 2006 Tome of Magic supplement could have been inspired by its appearances in Castlevania, but most likely, it took it from demonology. It first appeared in 1577, in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, where it was classified as a ‘Great President’ of Hell.

I swear i’ve seen that /exact/ giant hamster somewhere on the internet. Some kind of meme compilation, or maybe a post on reddit?
Did you have a specific image in mind when you drew it?
Or maybe this is one of those fake deja vu’s that the mind tricks itself with.

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