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Thieves Can’t Play Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Zero Session #4

Thieves Can’t Play Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Zero Session #4 published on No Comments on Thieves Can’t Play Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Zero Session #4

Ok, we’re winding up the end of the zero session. If you’re wondering why this hasn’t been anywhere on social media, it’s because I’m waiting to share the entire zero session rather than one comic at a time. They’re… not super meant to be read in isolation, even though I am trying to make each one have at least some kind of framing joke.


This is gonna be fun. I think having the characters more or less follow along on a published adventure will be eye-opening in a lot of ways. My understanding of Hoard of the Dragon Queen is that it’s a little absurd with what it puts the players up against in the first chapter. I’ve DMed the very, very first part before, and it went … well-ish, but that group fell apart because of school a billion and a half years ago. At some point, the fighter fastball-special’d the halfling warlock into a line of pikes, which was funny, but also made the warlock (who was impaled and instantly slain) not super thrilled about showing up again.

It’s important that the halfling’s opinion be taken into account during this maneuver. Ask halflings if they want thrown before you throw them. Don’t necessarily listen to their answers, but definitely ask them and factor that into (at minimum) how fast you throw them and at what angle.

…I’m not prejudiced by the way, even though I don’t advocate throwing gnomes. If you are physically capable of picking up a human with the Lucky feat, for example, or a Divination Wizard, and throwing them, then please, do so. You have a responsibility.


I’m in the middle of making two things for the Arcana Check and neither one of them are currently fit for human consumption. I might cut back the scale of one of them (a document of Gishy subclasses) in favor of releasing something sooner rather than later. The other one, a small campaign setting called Glimmer, is just going to be finished when it’s finished. More on this a bit later on the Patreon blog.


If you’re waiting on Kickstarter stuff, here’s where we are:

Comic Pages: 100%
Map: 85% (needs other assets finished before it can be truly called done.)
Monsters: 10%
Dungeons: 0%
Character Art for Top-Tier Rewards: 15% (and and we think this will be finished by the week’s end.)

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