Thieves Can’t Be Lycanthropes

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Comics | 0 comments

Auto-correct really, really, really wants this comic to be titled “Thieves Can’t Be Misanthropes” and I fucking PROMISE that they can.

Hey, Zach is open for commissions, which he’s doing in the style of our upcoming paper mini series. Check them out, and keep your eyes out for the minis. The first run will have every single monster mentioned in the D&D Starter Kit and will be on our Patreon, our shop, and the DM Guild. You’ll also be able to get us to cut and mail them to you on a nice glossy card stock, if you don’t want to do print-and-play. More on this soon (hopefully AFTER Masterwork, but that turned out to be more of a book and less of a hand-out…)

Zach has time to do this because he is freed up because his part of the Kickstarter stretch goals, and ya’ll are waiting on me to lay it all out and send it to a printer.


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