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The Horn

The Horn published on No Comments on The Horn

Hey, a comic on a Monday! Woo! We’re getting back to the Hoard of the Dragon Queen next week. For now, have an entry into the less-than-canon Thieves Can’t Strip series, though we’re sticking with the new designs going forward.


This is loosely based on reality. I am DMing for some of the KU Math Grads. There is an evil army marching on the lands, and as the story has progressed, our tiefling warlock, Reverie, found The Horn of Gabriel, which she knows will summon her patron (she’s one of those goody-two-shoes warlocks from Xanathar’s). It will also release a horrifying villain, and she is mostly aware of the extent of this, so this isn’t a normal case of player characters ignoring their consumables.

They’ve been on the cusp of 3 TPKs. No horn. They were fighting a dragon that caught them trying to sabotage a bridge that the evil army needed to use — no horn. The rogue was on his last death saving throw, melting in dragon acid, and everyone at the table was sort of bullying her into blowing the horn, but she held firm.

I have no idea what it will take for her to blow the horn, but I have some theories, one of which is presented here via Candor.

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