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The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 1

The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 1 published on No Comments on The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 1

Based on a true story.

Wait, what? I’m confused.

That’s fair. We’re in “Thieves Can’t Strip” right now, between major storylines, so expect more vignettes and unconnected stories when the tag at the bottom of the comic’s post says “Thieves Can’t Strip.”


Reynauldo is based on Shovel Knight (and Reynauld from Darkest Dungeon, but that’s less important here) and has existed in a lot of different homebrew campaign settings we use at my table. Here, they’re in a steampunk Faerun trying to stop an ancient dragon that’s turning back time whenever its plans are foiled, and its goal is to exact revenge on Candlekeep for stealing and destroying some of its eggs. You know, for science. (And Candlekeep had turned into kind of a metropolis because of ongoing player actions, so they’re been raising the stakes themselves the whole game.)

Why did you make that shovel?

So, yes, it was too powerful. But also they found it in a tower where the most dangerous objects in the multiverse were stored, so when there was just a shovel in the vault, it naturally got some serious attention from the players — especially the guy with the shovel fetish at the table. And when the rest of the magic items actually had appendices of effects and stuff, and I passed out a card to Zach that simply had that text on it after they ID’d the shovel, there was riotous laughter at the table. Totally worth him murdering a dragon with it later.

I have very specific criticisms or advice about this situation.

Awesome. Drop ’em in the comments. I love hearing from you guys.

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